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Hendrik de Regt


LIT011  Partita for Solo Alto Recorder.

LIT013  Partita for Solo Tenor or Descant Recorder.

LIT014  Partita I for Recorder Consort “St. Polycarpus.” Quartet: S A T B.

LIT015  Partita II for Recorder Consort “Terpsichore.” Quartet: T T B GtB. Alternate part 4 for tenor viola da gamba.

LIT016  Partita III “Thalia” for Recorders in Three and Two Parts.

LIT020  Ave Maris Stella: Hymn I for 6 Recorders. Sextet: Coro I and Coro II.

LIT021  In Adventu Domini: Hymn II for 6 Recorders, or 3 Gemshorns and 3 Recorders. Sextet: Coro I and Coro II.

LIT022  In Nativitate Domini: Hymn III for Recorders or Gemshorns. Sextet: Coro I and Coro II.

>>The above three editions were favorably reviewed in the fall 2013 issue of American Recorder as "never too early . . .  for the holidays."

LIT023 Partita IV "Melpomene" for Two Alto Recorders and Two Tenor Recorders or Four Böhm Flutes ad Libitum. Quartet: A A T T or 4 flutes.

Hendrik de Regt was born in 1950 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He studied piano and organ in his native town, and theory and composition with Piet Ketting, a pupil of Willem Pijper.

De Regt composes a variety of instrumental and vocal music. His compositions stress the melodic and polyphonic lines, although always within a harmonic context, and he enjoys linking early musical forms with modern elements to create a stylistic synthesis. Thus his partitas for recorders, solo and in consorts, are a wonderful synthesis of old and new.