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LIT023  Hendrik de Regt, Partita IV “Melpomene” for Recorders or Flutes. Score and parts for two alto recorders and two tenor recorders OR four (Böhm) flutes ad libitum. “Preludium,” “Allemande,” “Courante,” “Sarabande,” “Bouree,” “Canary.” Level: Advanced (7-8). $22.00

Melpomene, the muse of tragedy. The first movements are serious and expressive, giving way to the more lighthearted Bourree and Canary. This fourth Partita, like the three earlier ones ("Polycarpus," LIT014; "Terpsichore," LIT015; and "Thalia," LIT016), is based on modes of eight and nine tones within the octave.

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