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LIT016  Hendrik de Regt, Partita III “Thalia” for Recorders in Three and Two Parts. Score and parts. “Intrada” (A T B), “Pavane” (T T B), “Galliarde” (A A A or B B B), “Canon I” (A B), “Canon II” (T B or S A), “Fantasia quasi canon III” (B GtB or A T), “Moresca” T GtB or T T or S S, “Menuet” (A T B). Level: Advanced (7-8). $22.00

Thalia, the muse of comedy. De Regt takes off with a lighthearted Intrada and Galliarde. All but the Intrada are written in the enneatonic, or nine-tone, scale. The Intrada scale is just six tones (but transposed eleven times). Instrumentation is variable. Movements I, II, III and VIII are trios; IV, V, VI and VII are duos. Parts are provided for each combination of instruments.

Page 1 of the 15-page score: