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Frances Blaker


LIT001  Yaquina River. Sextet: S A A T B BassVdG/Cello. Alternate part 6 for contrabass recorder.

LIT009  Four Pieces for Recorder. Trio A T B in various combinations.

LIT018   Into the Woods, or A’Hunting We Will Go. Quintet: S’o S A T B Gemshorn. Also suitable for recorders or like instruments.

LIT019  In Sight of the Ocean. Sextet: S A A T B BVdG/Contrabass Recorder.

LIT024  Mutations. Quartet: A T B GtB plus Perotinian version for orchestra: Combinations of S A1 A2 A3 T1 T2 B GtB and Optional Viols.

LIT027/028  Sans Issue. Quartet: S&N A T and orchestra S1& N S2 A1 A2 T1 T2 TrVdG TVdG DblB/BVdG Pf.

LIT029 Un Morceau de Jeanne. Quartet: S A T B.

LIT033 With Letitia Berlin. Twelve Etudes. Alto recorder.

LIT034 Winds and Waves: Three Pieces. One quartet and two octets: So S A T B GtB CtrB variously.

Frances Blaker received her Music Pedagogical and Performance degrees from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen, where she studied with Eva Legêne. She also studied with Marion Verbruggen in the Netherlands.

Ms. Blaker has performed as a soloist and with various ensembles in the United States, Denmark, England and the Netherlands, including Ensemble Vermillian, the Farallon Recorder Quartet and the recorder duo Tibia. She teaches privately and at workshops throughout the United States. Ms. Blaker is the author of The Recorder Player's Companion, writes the "Opening Measures" column in the American Recorder, and is a collaborator and performer on the Disc Continuo series of recordings.

Photograph by Bill Stickney, 2002