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LIT024  Frances Blaker, Mutations, plus Perotinian Version for Orchestra. Score & parts. Mutations (Quartet: A T B GtB). Level: Intermediate-Advanced (5-7). "Perotinian" orchestra version (Octet: Combinations of S A1 A2 A3 T1 T2 B GtB and Optional Viols). Level: Intermediate (5). $22.00

"Each of the four movements of Mutations is built around a 'harmonic' passage found in a piece of medieval music. . . . In Mutations I have taken four such moments and used them as inner structures for these movements."

The Mutations movements and their medieval inspirations:

  • "Solagio": Fumeux fume par fume by Solage

  • "Haller": Je muir d’amourette by Adam de la Halle

  • "Ciconery": O felix templum jubila by Johannes Ciconia

  • "Perotinian": An organum Allelya by Perotin

First pages of the four quartet movements (one or two pages of score each movement)

and the Perotinian version for orchestra (a three-page score):