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LIT009  Frances Blaker, Four Pieces for Recorder. Score and parts (Trio). “Foxes and Ravens” (A A A), “Wind Ships” (A T B), “New Psalm” (A T B), “Wood Peckers and Tommy Knockers” (A T T/B) Levels: "Wind Ships & New Psalm," Intermediate (5-6); & "Foxes and Ravens," Advanced Intermediate (6-7). $20.00

Written for Lost in Time, a consort of the Oregon Coast Recorder Society. Playful pieces that range from a frolic (of foxes and ravens and maybe a porcupine), a lachrimae (“wind ships”, i.e. clouds), a new psalm (Appalachian influenced) and a woods and cabin sketch (“…while staying in a wooden cabin at Sitka, I found myself noticing all sorts of tapping, cracking noises, some rhythmic, as the wood peckers, some random, as the eaves of the cooling cabin.” --Blaker).

Page 1 of the 23-page score: