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LIT039  Jamie Allen, Providence Raptors. Score & parts (Part I, Trio: S A T; Part II, Trio: A T B). Published in two parts. Part I: “Eyas,” "Cute and Colorful Little Killers" Part II: “Hungry Hawks Hunting,” “Owls in the Cemetery,” “Teengers with Ferraris” Level: Advanced (7–8). Complete edition (Parts I and II) $45.00; Part I alone $20.00; Part II alone $28.00.

Providence Raptors is the title of a stunning and fascinating book by nature photographer Peter Green. With the author's blessing, Jamie Allen composed this suite of pieces, each inspired by a different vignette in the book. Play-along recordings of the pieces, performed by the composer, are freely accessible online at his website. For more about the book Providence Raptors, click here.

First pages of each of the five pieces: